Top G Strings for Men

How to Find the Top G Strings for Men [A complete guide]

Top G Strings for Men – While many people claim that pole dancing is a women-centric sport, we have seen tremendously sexy pole performances by our kings! In fact, pole dancing can be an extremely masculine sport and an ultimate form of “artistic expression” for men. Let’s not leave our kings behind in pole dance[Read More]

Where to Get the Best High Waist Pole Shorts in Australia(Absolute Complete Guide for Beginners)

So you have finally decided to give a shot to pole dancing as a fun way to transform your body. Woah! You’re on just the right track to gaining the body positivity you’ve been looking for all those years. But now the confusion arises “what to wear to my pole classes” and “from where do I get the premium, sexy, and best high waist pole shorts”. Well, you must have seen on your Instagram feed how the majority of the pole dancers flaunt their moves on a pole wearing high waist pole shorts. Yeah, that must have caught your attention, right? Because high waist pole[Read More]